Your wedding day should be magical, special and as stress free as possible. Imagine a wedding venue where your colour scheme has been created by the earth and the stylist is nature herself. Is there anything more breathtakingly beautiful than a natural woodland setting?

Sometimes we want to feel connected to the earth and to each other without the distractions of modern life. A wedding should definitely be one of those occasions. After all, it is all about you, so why not create that sense of peace and disconnect from those distractions with an outdoor wedding?

There are so many advantages to having your wedding day outdoors including some amazing health benefits. In this article we are going to just look at 5 reasons, yet there are so many more.

  1. Nature’s Canvass

Whether you want a rustic woodland/forest backdrop or an ocean view, nothing beats nature when it comes to true beauty.

You have the most stunning backdrop to your wedding when nature is the artist. Think of all the beautiful forest greens and earthy tones. The brightly coloured flowers that are naturally scattered throughout. It is easy to pick a colour scheme to reflect this natural palette.

Here at MoonAcre we have our gorgeous bluebell woods. If you choose to get married during bluebell season, then the woodland floor is a carpet of blues, a spectacular sight to behold.

We can help you continue the outdoor colour scheme in the purpose built marquee giving that sense of continuance for the whole venue.

You can add your own whimsical touches like dream catchers, rugs, fairy lights and so much more. We have beautiful festoon lighting adorning the trees that give a mystical magical feel to the outdoor area in the evening, plus a fire pit and comfy sofas. You can add as much as you like to this to make it unique to you and your theme.

  1. The Health Benefits

Planning a wedding is one of the top causes of stress in the world today. All the planning and preparation can leave you feeling overwhelmed before you even walk down the aisle. So imagine having a natural setting that takes care of half the work for you. There is no need for lots of decoration, it’s already there.

Plus, it has been scientifically proven that spending time in nature lowers the stress hormones and creates a sense of calm. Hearing the sound of the breeze rustling through leaves on the trees, a brook babbling, feeling the sun warm your skin, all have a wonderful calming effect.

A wedding can create a lot of anxiety. However, being surrounded by woodlands helps to lower your blood pressure and heart rate, enabling clearer thinking and decreasing those anxious feelings.

Nature is a great mood enhancer. Spending time in nature increases those positive feelings and improves everyones mood. So why not have this natural feel good factor present on your big day?

  1. Something Different

An outdoor wedding gives you the opportunity to create a truly unique and special event. Maybe you have always dreamed of dressing as a fairy princess and adding that sense of myth and magic to your day. Or perhaps you are a keen festival goer who would love nothing more than creating that same feeling on your special day. What about having a vintage theme with a natural backdrop?

When you have our stunning woodlands as your venue, the possibilities are endless. You are not limited by the buildings aesthetics, nature can and does offer you a blank canvass of choice.

  1. Creating Intimacy

There is a bond that is created when people immerse themselves in nature. People who regularly hike or climb mountains understand this. When you have an outdoor ceremony this bond is heightened between you and your partner.

Some people feel so connected when surrounded by nature that it becomes more of an existential experience. This sense of intimacy can be the foundation for a long and happy marriage.

Your guests will also benefit from the closeness and bond that an outdoor wedding brings and may even feel closer to you and your partner as they witness the wonder of a natural blessing.

  1. Consider The Weather And Accommodation

You may worry that if you book an outdoor wedding, the British weather could spoil it. But there is no need to stress if your venue has alternatives available.

At MoonAcre Weddings we have a purpose built wooden platform where the couple can take their vows, but should the weather take a turn, we also offer a beautiful marquee in the heart of the woods. You still get to enjoy the views of nature while being protected from the elements.

Although camping may not be everyone’s cup of tea, a chance for glamping can certainly encourage even the most skeptical. We offer beautiful cosy accommodation for you and your guests with all the hot showers and modern day comforts you could want, including a sumptuous wedding breakfast.

While we understand that an outdoor wedding may not be for everyone, if you are considering this as an option, please contact one of our friendly team to discuss your needs today. We can talk you through any concerns you may have and help you to arrange your perfect outdoor woodland wedding.

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