Choosing your wedding venue is one of the most exciting and crucial parts of planning your wedding. The place you choose will have an impact on all aspects of your day from the number of guests you have to the style of your wedding.

So if you are not a conventional couple who want a traditional wedding, but would prefer something unique that reflects your personal style, you are in the right place.

A woodland wedding offers you the opportunity to really have a unique theme without the exorbitant price tag of decorating a fancy hall. The beauty of a woodland is that the decor is largely done for you! All you need to do is add your personal touches and you can create the wonderland of your choosing.

Themed Weddings

When you are looking for your venue, a factor to consider may be the theme of the day. Especially if you are wanting to go for something a little different.

What better place to hold a sparkling winged fairy wedding than in a woodland for example? After all, this is the home of the magical fairy folk. Or perhaps you just want to wear flowers in your hair and have a flowing dress feeling like a woodland princess. This is after all, your day, so why should it be anything less than magical?

Maybe you just love the great outdoors and can’t bear the idea of being stuck in a stuffy church and squashed into room for the evening, even if it is with your nearest and dearest. Imagine being able to celebrate your love for each other surrounded by mother nature giving you her blessings. It is an opportunity for a connection to your soul with your soulmate.

You could make a whole weekend of it, partying with your closest friends and family like you were at Woodstock back in the 60s. We have beautiful glamping accommodation that will suit even the most camp shy amongst your party.

Looking For A Unique Wedding Venue In Dorset?

Then let us tell you a bit about our beautiful woodlands…

There is a timeless and romantic beauty with an outdoor wedding. Standing amongst the ancient trees to say your ‘I Do’s’ is nothing short of spectacular. Being surrounded by idyllic countryside with the birds chirping and the fresh breeze blowing through the air. Whether you choose to get married during the day with the sun warming everyone and creating a glow or at sunset with the majestic skies creating a stunning backdrop, you can’t go wrong. Even the rain feels more romantic when it falls in woodlands and there are marquees to take shelter in if needed where you can watch as nature cleanses the air.

We have this ancient woodland area situated in 5 acres of stunning private and secluded countryside. There is a large marquee just incase the weather takes a turn, plenty of comfy seating areas for your guests to chill out and all the facilities that you would expect from any venue.

Our gorgeous decked area can be dressed in the flowers of your choosing for the happy couple to exchange their vows with enough seating for 100 guests and room for 100 more standing. So you can have as many or few of your family and friends attending as you like.

So if you are looking for a unique wedding venue that brings you the magic of Dorset, why not contact us today to discuss your requirements?

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